Crate for Your Pet. How Big Should a Crate Be for Your Puppy?

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Crate for your puppy How Big Should a Crate Be for Your Puppy? Clearly, every person who has a pet loves it. But there are a lot of questions arise at the beginning of your collaborative life. All the time you think about how to grow, to feed and to train your puppy. At these moments you begin to read a lot of books about pets and ask your friends who also have pets about advice because you want to do everything in the right way.

One of the first questions is how big should a crate be for your puppy.

Here you can trust your intuition and choose a crate by yourself, however, it will be better if you consult with a professional or just watch standards of crates for a different breed of dogs on the Internet or in special literature.

Why does Your Puppy Need a Dog Crate?

How Big Should a Crate Be for Your Puppy

  1. It provides a feeling of security and safety for your puppy.
  2. It provides safety when you can’t supervise your puppy.
  3. It will be irreplaceable in travelling, because your dog will feel safer and more comfortable, so even long road will be less stressful for it.
  4. A dog crate will help you to keep you possessions in safe.
  5. You can use it in time when you are out of home.
  6. It prevents problem behaviors and bad habits forming in the first place.

But it must be said that you should have a crate schedule for a puppy. It can’t stay in the crate all the time. You should remember that it has a lot of energy so it should have a great activity every day to feel happy and healthy. But it is also necessary to create a crate training schedule for puppies. In this case, you can take your dog away from home.

What Type of Crates Can You Choose?

There are two important questions you should answer before buying a dog crate:

  1. What crate size do you need?
  2. What crate type should you buy?

Also you should think how comfortable should a crate be for your puppy.

There are a lot of different types of crate today, so you can choose what you need. Every type has its positive and negative sides. Your choice can depend on how you wish to use it and what behavior is your puppy – destructive or not.

There are four main types:

  • Plastic crates
  • Soft-sided crates
  • Wire crates
  • Stylish crates

Plastic Crates

Plastic crates

This type is mostly used for travel.

  • Lighter and more portable than wire and metal ones.
  • It is more sheltered and gives insolation in cold time
  • Some models have food and water dishes.
  • It is closed and can make stress for dog because it prefers visibility of surroundings.
  • It is harder to clean it.
  • Bad ventilation can lead to overheating of your puppy in countries with a hot climate.

Wire Crates

Wire crates

If you think, how big should a crate be for your puppy, this type will be the best for you. It is possibly the most used type of crates.

  • It is easy to keep it clean and fresh.
  • It is easy to be portable.
  • The greatest visibility for your puppy inside.
  • It is the nosiest crate.
  • It isn’t sheltered, so your dog can’t hide there to feel safe.
  • It is the easiest crate for escape from if your dog is determined and smart.

Stylish Crates

Stylish crates

These crates are for people who are looking for stylish things. They are made of rattan or wood.

  • Easily fit with a home decor.
  • A great variety of styles.
  • Not good for home training process.
  • Not good for destructive dog who can damage wooden crate.
  • Too expensive compare with other types of crates.

Soft-sided Crates

Soft-sided cratesThis type of looks little less seems more comfortable from the first sight and it has a lot of benefits.

  • It is very light and portable.
  • This crate is soft and flexible and because of this reason it is more convenient for the dog inside.
  • It is great to use it in travelling, because this crate is easy to put up and take down.
  • This type of crate is not long lasting.
  • Difficult in keeping clean and fresh.
  • Some puppies begin to understand how to unlock the door very quickly and easily can find how to get freedom.
  • Destructive dogs can easily destroy it and you have to buy another crate again.

How Much Time Should Your Puppy Stay in the Crate?

Except for night-time and some exceptional circumstances you shouldn’t crate your dog longer than five hours and not very often. When your puppy is crated for a long period of time, it gets no exercise, no socialization or interaction. All these things can lead to anxiety and depression. So you should pay attention to your puppy as frequent as you can and make a crate schedule for a puppy. This will help it to stay in the crate without any anxiety when you leave your house.

How Big Should a Crate be for Your Puppy or What Crate to Choose?

Firstly, you should think that dogs grow up very quickly, so there is no sense to buy a little crate and then to buy another one when your puppy becomes a dog. So you should be oriented on the size of your dag in adult age. Of course, it depends on the breed of your dog.

If you will choose wire crate, you will make the best choice, because it will be easy for you to clean it and also it is light and safe, so you can take your dog away from home with you. This type of crate can’t provide so much privacy as plastic ones, but your dog will not overheat there in a hot climate.

And the greatest advantage is that wire crates are not as expensive as others. But it is only your choice. Only you can decide how big should a crate be for your puppy.

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