How To Provide A Happy and Healthy Crate Environment For Your Dog

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What Things are Necessary for the Dog to Hold It in a Cage When it comes to putting your dog in a cage or a crate, you want to make sure that they have everything that they could ever need so that they are happy and content and don’t want to leave the cage. So what types of things are necessary for the dog to hold it in a cage and still be happy?

Read on to find out how to make your pup happy and want to be in that cage. Always make sure that you keep your dog in the crate for no more than four hours!


how-to-provide-a-happy-and-healthy-crate-environment Keeping a toy or a few in the crate will keep your pup occupied and if you are gone, help assuage the loneliness of your departure! Put their favorite toys in the crate so that they have something to play with. You can also but a Kong toy that is filled with treats or cream cheese in the crate to keep your dog occupied and give him or her something to do.

Chew toys or pig ears are particularly helpful as your dog may feel anxious or bored all cooped up, and chewing on something will help them to alleviate their anxiety. Just don’t place a soft toy that can be destroyed or eaten because your dog may eat it and choke or swallow it.

We have reviewed different categories of Dog Crates here at DogscarriersGuide:


how-to-provide-a-happy-and-healthy-crate-environment It is probably better to leave out food when you’re planning on putting your dog in the crate for an hour or more. It could trigger them to go to the bathroom. So it’s best to keep meals out of the crate.

You can put a few simple treats in there for them to enjoy, but leave the bowls of food for structured meal times.


how-to-provide-a-happy-and-healthy-crate-environment You may not want to leave food for your dog in the crate, but it’s a good idea to have bowls in there to give your dog the chance to have some water should they want some. Dogs left in there for a short amount of time should be fine, but when crated for three hours or more, they’re going to need water.

You can purchase a crate-mounted water bottle or a bowl that is fixed to the crate, making it more difficult for your pup to knock it over. This is a good idea because dogs generally will play with the bowl and spill water or even turn the bowl over.


how-to-provide-a-happy-and-healthy-crate-environment Puppies and dogs alike really do love their creature comforts, just like humans do! It’s always a good idea to place some pillows or blankets into the crate so that they can cuddle up, have enough comfort, and can stay warm. You don’t want it to be like a jail cell, you want to make it a nice place that they can relax.

Since they don’t have many options when it comes to the crate, it’s a nice idea to line it with comfortable blankets, a bed, or pillows. Puppies, in particular, would love to cuddle with warm blankets, right out of the dryer.

VetBed is also a good choice to line the crates, as it comes highly recommended and is durable, soft, machine washable, and hypoallergenic and non-irritating.


how-to-provide-a-happy-and-healthy-crate-environment If you’re going to crate your dog, always make sure they have everything that they need! Otherwise, you’ll just be putting them through a lot of unnecessary discomfort.

If they’re having trouble going into the crate, ignore them for a half-hour before you’re putting them in and even put on dim lighting or play relaxing music to keep them calm.

Do all of these things and you can keep your dog happy, and they won’t mind being crated since you have made it such an enjoyable habitat for them with everything they need.

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