Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel Review

Updated 7 months ago By John Smith
John Smith

If you really love your domestic animal, if you want to protect it and make its life more convenient, the Uptown Welded Wire Kennel is something that you are looking for. This cage is big enough and has a form of a real house. The price of this aviary isn’t very high, so everyone can buy it and make his dog really the happiest in the world.

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The Advantages of the Uptown Welded Wire Kennel

Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel

  1. This kennel is made from steel and because of it this cage is very reliable and durable.
  2. You can use that kennel even more than 5 years.
  3. You don’t have to use any tools to set it up and this process will take you only 20 minutes.
  4. There is a special roof that can protect your animal from different bad weather conditions.

The Disadvantages of the Uptown Welded Wire Kennel

  1. It is really very big, and it is not very comfortable to put at your house.
  2. Sometimes dogs feel themselves lonely and try to get away from the cage.
  3. Some small details are made from plastic and it’s better to change them for more durable elements.

The Popularity of the Uptown Welded Wire Kennel

If you want to stand this aviary outside you can use special cover. This roof can protect your favorite dog from rains and showers.  Moreover, on a hot, sunny day your domestic animal can hide here from the sun.

This kennel is big enough, so if you want to make the aviary more convenient for your pet, you can put there some pillows and toys. And don’t forget about food and water, because your dog will spend the whole free time in his new home.

  • Size: 48x48x72 inches; —> Check Price

  • Pros: No Tools Required for assembly, Black Powdercoated finish for superior looks
  • Shipping: This item can be shipped to select countries outside of the U.S.
  • Manufacturer: Lucky Dog

lucky-dog-uptown-welded-wire-kennel This product is often bought by customers because it has all that is needed for both the comfort of your pet and convenience to the owner.

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The Uptown Welded Wire Kennel Can Bring Happiness to You and Your Dog

The construction is very modern. It looks nice and you can put it wherever you want. The construction includes some details: gate panel, locking gate latch, seven big panels, and sixteen-panel clamps.

To sum up, if you think that your dog deserves for safe, comfortable and nice aviary you have to buy this Uptown Welded Wire Kennel.

Last Modified: October 25, 2021