Midwest iCrate Single-Door Pet Crate Review

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John Smith

Your Dog is equally important as the rest of your pets and it must be treated so well that it also gets to be happy and upright. To make this possible, you should have it housed in one of the most comfortable houses as possible. To make this possible, Midwest iCrate Single-Door Pet Crate is the choice for you.

Midwest iCrate Single-Door Pet Crate Review

What are the strengths if iCrate Single-door Pet Crate?

This Pet Crate is designed completely based on the safety, comfort, and security of your dog. It carries a configuration that does not require any use of any tools hence, it can be completed by anyone.

They are made of secure slide-bolt latches, rounded corners, and durable coat finish hence making it one of the durable dog houses in this category.

But what are the Weaknesses of this pet Crate?

The initial set up of this Pet Crate is a pain as it is a little bit complicated to set it up hence in some instances; it calls for a specialist which means paying more money.

The way it is packaged during transportation from the manufacturer considers only space and not the ease of setting up by the user hence it is a major setback of a product. We offer to read other views on Amazon.

What is useful and why is this pet Crate is used?

The size of this crate is the one feature that makes it very useful. This is because it is small and spacious at the same time enough to fit at the back of a Taurus track and still big enough to accommodate the dog. The crate also has rubberized feet that make it easy to slide in and out of the car without causing any damage to the floor.

How Can One Use this Pet Crate?

The fold and carry configuration of this crate makes it easy to set and use. Setting it up means that what is needed of you is just to unfold and let it fix itself to the geometry and clip it tight and you are good to go. You Can use this crate to carry your dog from one place to the other without having to worry about its well being as the design itself takes care of that.

  • Size: 18-inch is 18x12x14 —> Check Price

  • Size: 24-inch is 24x18x21 —> Check Price

  • Size: 30-inch is 30x21x24 —> Check Price

  • Size: 36-inch is 36x24x27 —> Check Price

  • Size: 42-inch is 42x28x31 —> Check Price

  • Size: 48-inch is 48x30x33 —> Check Price

  • Pros: Durable pet crate designed with convenient features in mind, Easy-to-clean composite plastic pan, Ideal for pets up to 6 pounds, Easy setup and folddown to portable size, Divider panel included, Single Door, Fold and Carry Configuration, Divider Panel, Composite plastic Pan, Safe and secure slide bolt latch.
  • Product Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 14 inches ; 8.4 pounds
  • Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.
  • Color: Satin Black E-Coat, Blue, Pink
  • Manufacturer: Midwest Homes for Pets

These two main features are the selling points of this crate hence people buy it most as compared to other Pet crates.

Midwest iCrate Single-Door Pet Crate on Video

In conclusion, this product should be on top of your list and you should pay attention to buying it because it is both cheap for such great features and portability. Buying it is an assurance that your pet will be comfortable and you will feel the worth of your money.

Last Modified: October 7, 2021