Once you see Komondor, it is impossible to forget or to confuse with another dog. Small Komondor similar to lamb, younger – polar bear cub and an adult dog look so extraordinary, that the Komondor was among the 25 most amazing and unusual animals of the Earth. Stunning lace-up fur coat arouses the enthusiasm and […]

The Greyhound dog is a fine representative of the family Greyhounds. The dog is loyal and brave hunters. They are calm and intelligent, but how many hunters, cautious to the people, including the owner. They do not respond to harsh measures of parenting and sensitive to the tone of voice of the owner. The owner […]

Fortunately, the giant Schnauzer was not very popular and did not get it for prestige or fun. That is why it has managed to preserve the characteristic features inherent in it by nature. The giant Schnauzer is the epitome of communication and close contact. He has a great memory and great instincts. He will remember […]

Let us start with the fact that the German shepherd dog is a service and therefore should be able to lose partners. Therefore, the German shepherd, though, and loves his master, but is easily able to forget him. It is important to the police, but here in the home causes many problems – the dog […]

It and Mastino Neapolitan come from the watchdogs. Both breeds are quite ancient. However, that is where the similarity ends. Say he has the face of an old boxer. Yes, it probably will not be called handsome, if we start from the generally accepted canons. However, his head is functional because in ancient times it […]

The overall look is an elegant strong dog with well-muscled, but without rudeness and massiveness. This graceful animal, whose body corresponds to the ideal anatomical proportions, the malice Doberman is the legend, reinforced by films about the use of these dogs in the police and in war. For this reason, many people have a mistrust […]

Abilities are explained by the nature of Scottish sheepdogs. These good-natured dogs are devoted to their owner and adapt to his lifestyle. With the athletes, they become active participants and spirited runners. They can participate in various active sports. In families with children, collies take on the functions of nurses caring, cheerful friend and protector […]

The bullmastiff has established itself as a great guard and a bodyguard, in a number of countries successfully used as military or police dog. However, the greatest results were achieved bullmastiff as a guard the diamond copies of the South African Republic. External bullmastiff is a cross, having absorbed all best from the two famous […]

Weimaraner is often referred to as silver ghosts. In addition, they are considered “blue blood” of the dog world for their high level of intelligence, excellent memory and ability to make independent decisions. Weimaraner is an excellent hunter. He in the counter indicates the detected bird gets the ducks out of the water, finds and […]

Perhaps appearance of the Siberian Husky looks like a wolf. In fact, the husky is a purebred dog. Known since ancient times sled dogs, found in different areas, gave rise to the separate breeds of Northern dogs. In Canada husky sled call any dog with a hoarse voice. This is a quick and athletic dog […]