5.0 06 BullTerrier dog breed in spite of its reputation as aggressive dogs are gentle and kind dogs to humans. The unique shape of the muzzle, it often seems that they are much focused on their owner and being followed closely. It seems that they understand what they think and plan their owners. For BullTerrier, […]

5.0 10 Basenjis are elegant and physically fit, and you will need to choose a dog cage that reflects this. Plastic or wire crates are your best option here, but whatever material you choose, the cage should be large enough for the dog to move around and play. Choosing a crate for your Bedlington Terrier […]

5.0 08 Setter – a balanced and intelligent dog, with a great location for training, tolerant of other dogs and is very sociable with humans. Living in a house, it manifests itself devoted friend and loves to play with children. Many believe that the setter is not quite obedient – nothing of the sort. However, […]

5.0 06 Basenji is one of the oldest breeds of dogs in the whole World. Sometimes people can even call it “the forest dog”. The most famous feature of this kind of dog is that they can’t bark. They only can grumble a bit. Therefore, if you dislike noise, this dog is the best variant […]

5.0 07 Graceful aristocrat but a real working dog, famous for its running speed, stamina, and strong hunting passion. She was born to run, ready to chase anything that moves, and not programmed to obedience. Her cat’s self-sufficiency and independence, and, like a cat, she chooses a man who would give his loyalty. Saluki dog […]

5.0 12 Choosing the right dog crate for your Clumber Spaniel could prove quite a daunting task, especially if you are not aware of the temperament of this breed. Speaking bluntly, the Clumber Spaniel is a unique breed, with a long and heavy body, with a loyal and affectionate temperament. Calm and sedate, the Clumber […]

5.0 05 It is a medium-sized strong hunting terrier of the square format. This breed is very ancient. Its blue-colored coat is curly and soft. This dog is a very agile and temperament dog and at the same time, it has an affectionate and kind character. This dog has an innate sense of self-esteem. It […]

5.0 07 The name “Volpino” translated from the Italian means “fox”. Indeed, in the face of this little dog guesses resemblance to the fox. This is a typical decorative dog. Despite his small growth Volpino Italiano is quite strong. He is unpretentious and quickly adapts to any conditions. These dogs can’t be called quiet, they […]

5.0 07 The bullmastiff has established itself as a great guard and a bodyguard, in a number of countries successfully used as military or police dog. However, the greatest results were achieved bullmastiff as a guard the diamond copies of the South African Republic. External bullmastiff is a cross, having absorbed all best from the […]

5.0 11 There are a number of reasons that one would like to invest in a dog crate. Not only is it safer for the pet, but it also becomes more convenient for the owner. In this article, we take a look at 5 different models of dog cages 30 inches and try to see […]