5.0 10 These dogs are famously managed with livestock, and for this, they need to know many teams. That is why “the Australians” are very smart and well trained, loves to please his master and at the same time as all the shepherds are able to make independent decisions. These dogs most appreciate ball games, […]

5.0 06 Worldwide mistaken for a Silky Terrier, and actually these breeds are close relatives. Like others of the breed, Silky Terrier a very small dog. It is easy to guess from the name, the coat of the Silky Terrier special — straight, glossy and silky. It’s long enough, but not to such an extent […]

5.0 05 It is a medium-sized strong hunting terrier of the square format. This breed is very ancient. Its blue-colored coat is curly and soft. This dog is a very agile and temperament dog and at the same time, it has an affectionate and kind character. This dog has an innate sense of self-esteem. It […]

5.0 09 Despite the fact that the modern wire-haired Fox Terrier as popular as the smooth coat, it is found more often. Previously, the smooth Fox Terrier was more popular probably due to the fact that forcing the prey on the hunt, his fur is not so dirty, and washed he was comparatively easier. However, […]

4.9 09 It is a small dog of a long format. Welsh Corgi Pembroke is smaller than Welsh Corgi Cardigan. The height of these breeds varies from 10 inches to 12 inches. The dog has a luxurious dense coat of sable, blue, red, black and white, tan colors. The coat of this breed of dog […]

5.0 13 When choosing a carrier for your pet, be sure to pay attention to several nuances. A carrier necessarily has to be provided with openings for seeing, if a pet can see what is happening around, it will have less to bother about and show their concern. A carrier should be hard-bottomed, because for […]

5.0 07 The Harrier breed belongs to six FCI groups, which includes Scenthounds and related breeds. It is a hardy medium-sized hunting dog. It is used in hunting rabbits, foxes and can participate in the hunt for the board. It is an athletic and energetic dog, which has a keen sense of smell. The Harrier’s […]

5.0 03 Phalene is a small and very nice dog, which is very popular among women today. The dog of this breed is small enough, their weight is about 2 or 2.5 kg. They are very fluffy with long and soft wool. Usually, they have interesting coloration, it’s white with black or red. Everyone says […]

5.0 06 Irish Water Spaniel has a high level of intelligence, they are completely confident and loyal to his master. They require constant attention and are a good family dog. This breed really gets pleasure from communicating with people. Best of all, this dog is suitable for those families who have older children. Provided proper […]

5.0 08 American Pit Bull Terrier – is a very popular breed of dogs in the USA, usually, people call this dog Pit Bull. These dogs are not very big; their middleweight is about 55 to 70 pounds. These dogs are short-haired and have brown or light-brown coloration. This breed has a long tail and […]