Top 5 Best Dog Crates For French Bulldog

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Top 5 Best Dog Crates For French Bulldog in 2020 Review Crating your dog can be difficult. Finding the right crate is even harder. Finding the right crate for a French Bulldog can be very difficult because they are a type of dog that suffers from something called separation anxiety.

There are several options available when it comes to choosing the best dog crate for your French bulldog. Though, this doesn’t mean that all of these options are wonderful when it comes to overall efficiency or material being used. There are some models that work better than the other.

Wire crates with a built-in hook on water bowls are ideal, especially when the owner is out of the house most of the time. Aside from that, this type of crate is cooler, allowing a pet to see out better, unlike plastic airline crates.

Amount of Time in the Crate

For a French bulldog, too much time inside the crate could be bad. It can make a Frenchie feel stressed and trapped if he’s in there for hours. Also, as a rule of thumb, an adult frenchy shouldn’t spend more than 8 hours a day inside a crate.

Likewise, a puppy shouldn’t spend more than 4 hours at a time, because they haven’t fully developed their bladder yet.

What Do You Need To Consider When Picking A Crate?

When it comes to picking a crate for your French Bulldog you have to take a lot of things into account including size, durability, and the strength of the crate.

When thinking about size, you need to think about how big is the dog. French Bulldogs are not very big in size. You need to think about how much they’re going to grow. You need to get a crate that can either grow with them or be big enough for them once they reach their full size.

We recommend 30-inch pet crates for most adult French Bulldogs.

Crating A Puppy

When it comes to getting a crate for a puppy it is often good to get the kind of crate that has a divider in it so that you can make it smaller while potty training the puppy and then open it up when the puppy gets bigger.

What to put in puppy crate at night?

At night time you may have to add a toy that the puppy loves or even a bed for the puppy to cuddle up in so that they remain calm and comfortable inside the crate.

Find The 5 Best Dog Crates 30-inch

Product NameProsConsBest Uses 
Midwest iCrate Single-Door Crate
Midwest iCrate Single-Door Pet Crate 30 x 19 x 21 inches Review
They are made of secure slide-bolt latches, rounded corners, and durable coat finish hence making it one of the durable dog houses in this category.The initial set up of this Dog Crate is a pain as it is a little bit complicated to set it up hence in some instances. The topmost feature of this model is its divider panel and composite plastic pan. Check Price
Midwest iCrate Two Doors Crate
Editor's Choice
Midwest iCrate Two Doors Pet Crate 30 x 19 x 21 inches Review
This Dog Crate is designed completely based on the safety, comfort, and security of your dog.The way it is packaged during transportation from the manufacturer considers only space and not the ease of setting up by the user hence it is a major setback of a product.Not only that, but they also have a fold/collapse option that makes it easier to transport the crate around. Check Price
Midwest Life Stages Collapsible Metal Crate
Editor's Choice
Midwest Life Stages Collapsible Metal Dog Crate Review
This crate is built entirely around the comfort, security, and safety of your dog.Like other crates from the same company, this Dog crate is a headache to set up. This model is great for those who have larger sized Dogs. The model has been designed keeping in mind the needs of a larger dog. Check Price
Midwest LIFE STAGES Front Door Crate
Midwest LIFE STAGES Front Door Crate Review

Thanks to its divider, this crate is suitable for growing dogs and could also come in handy if you have two smaller dogs. If you have a strong dog or a particularly perceptive one, then they may figure out that they can get out the way they got in. Thus is the only crate available with adjustable living spaces. That means that it prioritizes the dog’s comfort and safety more than anything else. Check Price
Petedge Easy Wire Crate
Petedge Easy Wire Dog Crate Review

The Petedge Easy Wire Dog Crate is spacious and comfortable and offers ample room for a blanket or dog bed. The crate’s slide-out floor tray seems a little too small as there are a few inches of extra space on each side of the tray. This is one of the few models that is equipped with a dual latching door. Check Price

The Dog Crates For French Bulldog that we have mentioned above are the best in 2020.

Types Of Crates

Although there are many different crates that you can choose from two really good crates for a French Bulldog would have to be the Guardian Gear ProSelect Easy Crate and the MidWest Life Stages Double Door Folding Crate.

These crates are perfect for Frenchy because French Bulldogs often suffer from separation anxiety and these crates are big enough to give them the room they need yet small enough so they do not feel alone.

These crates are strong enough to hold up if your French Bulldog tries to chew out. They have so many good features that make them perfect for your dog.

So What Makes A Crate Right For A French Bulldog?

When trying to decide which crate is best for your French Bulldog you basically just need to make sure that you have purchased a crate that is big enough for your dog to grow and that it is strong enough to hold up against your dog if it exhibits signs of separation anxiety.

Learning To Crate Your Dog

If you want the crating process to go easier when crating your dog then you should make sure to give them their favorite blanket or toy to keep inside the crate with them. Allow them treats when they do well going inside their crate and do not give you any hassle.

Crating a dog can be difficult, but rewarding your Pet can make it so much easier.

Now Go Pick The Right Crate For You And Your Dog

Once you have decided how big of a crate you need and how strong of a crate you will need you will be able to easily pick the crate that is right for you.

Crate training your puppy or older should not be a hard process. Picking the right crate makes it that much easier.

Tips on Selecting a Crate

When choosing a crate for a French bulldog, make sure that it’s large enough for the Frenchie, allowing him to stand and turn around without the shoulders touching the ceiling. Likewise, the area shouldn’t be too large either, because the animal will most likely look for an area of the crate where he can pee or eliminate.

The French Bulldog normally a very peaceful animal and so they only bark when there is a lead to. If you are tired, disappointed, annoyed, or your own neighbors complained many times and called police officers due in your animal increased barking, then attempt not to have your own emotion have an effect on your pondering. They should be lead through the owner, making these walk beside the person and pace using them.

Being strict and assertive is important to allow dogs now you are the alpha dog, and that they cannot control the specific situation. The man must, constantly, let this particular breed given that the leader from the pack will be the owner, plus the family from the owner.

Comparing Prices

The average cost of the best crate for a french bulldog is $35-$40. While the Midwest range is usually moderately priced between $30-$45, the Pretedge is one of the most cost-intensive models. At $50, it is certainly more expensive than the other models.

However, it also boasts of a number of features that can be convenient for the owner. The SmithBuilt model, on the other hand, is priced at a lower figure of $25. This is great for those who are looking for both security and cost reduction.

Last Modified: April 11, 2020