Top 5 Best Dog Crates For Greyhound

Posted: 2 weeks ago

Top 5 Best Dog Crates For Greyhound Are you making plans to bring home your new greyhound family member and need some extra guidance for selecting the perfect dog crate? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll show you how to choose a comfortable dog crate for your greyhound and make sure that you both have a safe and smooth transition home.

Did you know that many greyhounds actually feel extra safe in their crate because that’s where they lived at the greyhound track? Most greyhound adoption centers require you to purchase a crate before adopting your dog. Plus, for the safety of your dog (and your home!), your greyhound should be crated when you are not there to supervise it.

What size dog crate should I select for a Greyhound?

Since greyhounds are very long and tall dogs, they typically need a large 42 x 28 x 30 inch long crate.

A larger male (over 80 lbs) might even need an extra-large 48 x 30 x 33 inch crate.

Whatever the size, the most important part of selecting a crate is making sure your dog has plenty of room to comfortably stand up and turn around.

What size crate should I select for a Greyhound puppy?

Generally speaking, a crate for a dog of any age should be just big enough for it to stand up and turn around.

However, you can get away with purchasing a dog crate for your puppy that will also be big enough for it to stay in as an adult – you just might want to block off one end so your puppy doesn’t try to designate part of the crate as its bathroom.

Find The 5 Best Dog Crates

Product NameProsConsBest Uses 
Midwest iCrate Single-Door Dog Crate
Midwest iCrate Single-Door Pet Crate 30 x 19 x 21 inches Review
They are made of secure slide-bolt latches, rounded corners, and durable coat finish hence making it one of the durable dog houses in this category.The initial set up of this Dog Crate is a pain as it is a little bit complicated to set it up hence in some instances. The topmost feature of this model is its divider panel and composite plastic pan. Check Price
Midwest iCrate Two Doors Dog Crate
Editor's Choice
Midwest iCrate Two Doors Pet Crate 30 x 19 x 21 inches Review
This Dog Crate is designed completely based on the safety, comfort, and security of your dog.The way it is packaged during transportation from the manufacturer considers only space and not the ease of setting up by the user hence it is a major setback of a product.Not only that, but they also have a fold/collapse option that makes it easier to transport the crate around. Check Price
Midwest Life Stages Collapsible Metal Dog Crate
Editor's Choice
Midwest Life Stages Collapsible Metal Dog Crate Review
This crate is built entirely around the comfort, security, and safety of your dog.Like other crates from the same company, this Dog crate is a headache to set up. This model is great for those who have larger sized Dogs. The model has been designed keeping in mind the needs of a larger dog. Check Price
Midwest LIFE STAGES Front Door Crate
Midwest LIFE STAGES Front Door Crate Review

Thanks to its divider, this crate is suitable for growing dogs and could also come in handy if you have two smaller dogs. If you have a strong dog or a particularly perceptive one, then they may figure out that they can get out the way they got in. Thus is the only crate available with adjustable living spaces. That means that it prioritizes the dog’s comfort and safety more than anything else. Check Price
Petedge Easy Wire Dog Crate
Petedge Easy Wire Dog Crate Review

The Petedge Easy Wire Dog Crate is spacious and comfortable and offers ample room for a blanket or dog bed. The crate’s slide-out floor tray seems a little too small as there are a few inches of extra space on each side of the tray. This is one of the few models that is equipped with a dual latching door. Check Price

The Dog Crates For Greyhound that we have mentioned above are the best in 2020.

What makes a dog crate good for a greyhound?

A greyhound crate should be large and sturdy, as this breed is knowing for being a skillful escape artist. You can also make the crate a little more cozy by draping a blanket over the top.

This MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate is a great (and affordable) option for your greyhound. It comes in multiple sizes and includes a divider, which makes it a perfect choice for a crate that will take your dog from puppyhood to adulthood.

Greyhounds and separation anxiety

Greyhounds are prone to separation anxiety as they’re fearful of being abandoned by their humans due to their pasts as racing dogs. There are a few ways to avoid this while crate training your dog:

  • Make sure your dog can easily see you from its crate so that it never feels like it’s being isolated.
  • Never use the crate as a punishment – this will eventually make your dog afraid to go inside.
  • Gradually start leaving your house for longer and longer periods over the course of the first few weeks after your dog comes home. This will help your dog learn that you’ll always come back.

If you’re crate training a puppy, keep these tips in mind:

  • If your puppy is less than six months old, don’t leave it in its cage for more than four hours. Their bowels and bladders aren’t strong enough yet and they may have an accident.
  • Make sure your puppy gets lots of time out of its crate – otherwise, it will get bored and start avoiding the crate all the time.
  • Put your puppy in its crate sometimes while you’re at home so that it doesn’t learn to associate its crate with being left alone.
  • Put sturdy bedding, choke-proof toys, and a soft toy or clothing item that smells like you or your puppy’s litter mates in its crate at night.